News Archives July, 2013

  • Listening to Hear Not Listening to Speak28/07/13

    I recently wrote a blog about the importance of communication within organisational change management and the need for a comprehensive communication plan. I talked about the importance of raising awareness and soliciting opinions by asking. What is even more important is listening. Listening is an art in itself. In my book “Balanced Diversity – A […]…Read the full article.
  • Macanta Moments #123/07/13

    I was recently asked about a post I put up some years ago, about the relationship between ITSM and Angry Birds. It turned out to be very popular. So this is the first of  ‘Macanta Moments’. The best of the posts and blogs over the years. If you are a gamer and an ITSMer these may […]…Read the full article.
  • TALK, TALK and then TALK SOME MORE!22/07/13

    There are many facets of organisational change management but probably the most important is communication. This may sound obvious to many of you reading this blog but it is an area in which most organisations fail. I don’t expect many executives or managers would disagree that communication is important so why does it get poorly […]…Read the full article.
  • ITSM Antipodean Podcast Episode 3419/07/13

    The ITSMAP crew talk to Karen Gately about ‘Finding and Managing Our Talent’. Listen to a very passionate discussion here.…Read the full article.